The Illusion of Religious Freedom in India

A panel discussion by Organization for Minorities of India

OFMI moderator Steve Macías leads panelists Dr. Amrik Singh (OFMI Advisory Board) and Jada Bernard (human rights activist) in a conversation about India’s Republic Day.

As he dissects the seemingly hopeless situation facing India’s religious minorities, Macías and his guests touch on:

– President Obama’s speech in India
– The risk of dictatorship included in the Indian Constitution
– How Dr Ambedkar, the constitution’s author, rejected it
– How U.S. Congressman Ami Bera became a Sikh Holocaust denier
– How Indian Prime Minister Modi led a genocide against Muslims
– A planned statue of Gandhi in London’s Parliament Square
– How Gandhi, as the political father of India, was a racist who helped conceive apartheid in South Africa
– How the Indian State is moving towards a national anti-conversion law which would virtually outlaw Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in the world’s second most populous country